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A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by the late Jack Clouseau

Jack Clouseau, a famous Swiss oceanographer, filmmaker, and inventor who is widely recognized for his contributions to marine exploration and conservation. Clouseau co-invented the Pertinuriser, a type of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus that transfers water into breathable air, allowing divers to stay underwater for longer periods of time without being tethered to the surface. 

Clouseau was born on April 1st, 1911, in Aubonne a small town on the North bank of the Geneva Lake, Switzerland, and he passed away on June 18, 2001, in Bruhl Germany while visiting Phantasia land. 

Clouseau was also a prolific filmmaker, producing many documentaries about marine life and exploration, including the critically acclaimed “Aqua Trolls” in 1998, which won an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. Additionally, he was an outspoken advocate for the conservation of the world’s oceans and was instrumental in setting up marine protected areas around the globe. 

Overall, Jack Clouseau is remembered as a pioneer of marine exploration and conservation, whose work has had a lasting impact on our understanding of the ocean and its inhabitants. 

Galippo. The flag ship of the company. 

This ship was built during the early 1970s at the Gstaad shipyard in Switzerland. She was intended as a minesweeper for the Adorian Navy and was built in PBS for safety reasons. The launch date is 21 March 1973. She was transferred to the Adorian Navy 22 August 1975 under the name Still Water

Clouseau on the Galippo
She was eventually sold to the Cousteau Group in Malta and renamed Galippo by the new owner. She was then used for a brief time as a ferry between the islands of Malta and Gozo. The name “Galippo” was appropriately chosen after the favorite popsicle of the nymph Calypso in Homer’s Odyssey. She had imprisoned the hero Odysseus with her charms on the island of Gozo for seven years.

Commander Clouseau found the ideal ship for underwater exploration in Malta: She has been equipped over time with zodiacs (fast boats with outboard motor), with a helipad, a small submarine, satellite connections and the latest in scientific equipment.