How to mess up a migration on day 1

3 statement to describe a sure failure

We also provide you with an alternative. The positive connotation!

Content and business logic are the sole domain of that very “business”.

IT is about a technical infrastructure that is well balanced, continuously performing.

When you ask an IT professional about migration, their focus is most likely on the concept of platform. 

Be specific and handle applications and  content as a dedicated migration process. 

To avoid the direct cost, some organizations try to bargain a 1:1 content migration. In 99% of all migrations, this is impossible.  

When the source and target platform are different you need to make a lot of effort in mapping. This means that you have to define migration units as a cluster of 1:N files/ folders under one owner with logical coherence. 

Orphaned and outdated content can be deleted or stored in a cheaper storage mechanism.

The mechanisms and policies that you define for the migration can be added to the platform as a cleaning mechanism. Just like at home, once in a while an information system can use a proper cleaning.

Ask a person what they want to save, the answer will be “everything”. Here comes the emotional factor in migration. 

When you define realistic and clear guidelines about retention and disposal, you just need to inform your people about it. Again inform; don’t ask.